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Pest Control Series

Fidelity Bio-x Insecticide Disinfectant Surface Spray

Bio-x is a new age, safe and easy alternative to conventional harmful household insecticides. When Home Knight makes contact with the insects and pests, it directly targets their nervous system in which they will die in a few minutes time from hyper stimulation. Home Knight formulated with unique and extremely safe active ingredients (very LD50) provides fast acting insecticidal and long-lasting residual protection to eliminate nuisance and disease-carrying household insects and pests.

Fidelity Pest Free Plug-In Pest Control System

Fidelity Pest Free Plug-In has been independently tested and consumer tested and proven against rats, mice and in the aided control of cockroaches since January 1995. It is the only electromagnetic pest control device to be scientifically tested and proven in a leading Australian University by an Emeritus Professor to be effective against Rats & Mice." Pest Free Plug-In has received multiple exporting grants from the Australian Federal Government and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide enjoying a pest free environment without toxic and poisonous chemicals. It’s completely safe, environmentally responsible, and long term cost effective and maintenance free.

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