About Us

         Family Fun Environmental Protection & Health Ltd is a retail company incorporated to provide a wide range of high quality environmentally friendly and health products for end-users.
         We provide FUJIOH & ARIAFINA Japan made high tech cooker hoods, Italian made Built-In oven & gas hobs; domestic use eco-friendly cleaning & sterilizing products, personal hygiene, Pest Free Plug-in, and a wide range of high safety pest control & pesticide products from overseas under FIDELITY Brand.
         With its advanced technology, only FUJIOH & ARIAFINA cooker hoods have an exclusive Rectifier Panel that captures greasy fumes from all directions rather than just drift upwards. Together with its removable Oil Tech filter, it retains the airborne oils and fats, which are then collected into an Oil Catch tray. Using the same technology as air conditioners, it uses the quiet and energy - saving Sirocco fan that works effectively whilst you cook.
         Fidelity Pest Free Plug-In was widely apply since 1995 as an alternative to the use of Toxic and Poisonous Chemicals that was being use in treatments against Rats, Mice and Cockroaches. It is the only electromagnetic pest control device to be scientifically tested and proven in a leading Australian University by an Emeritus Professor to be effective against Rats & Mice. When Pest Free Plug-In plugs into any power point, it's on / off pulsating works 24 hours a day and it's completely safe, environmentally responsible, and long term cost effective and maintenance free.
         Home Knight Insecticide series we provide from the factory that incorporated to apply biotechnology to develop environmentally friendly crop protection and pest control products for both domestic and commercial purposes. Our factory also develops, manufactures and markets plant growth promoter and insecticides based on organic natural plants extracts such as pine and neem. We offer the best natural solutions that modern science can offer to help protect the environment.
          We dedicate to provide a wide range of quality environmentally responsible products for our valuable customers. At the same time, protecting our planet and creating a better living environment for our next generation. Please refer to our website for more product information.